Cut your own Real Christmas Tree.

Christmas Trees don't come fresher than this! Choose and cut your own free range Nordmann or Fraser Fir from our woodland.

Following 2020's non essential business close, open, close, open, close we are definitely open this year, unless there is a Winter surge of Covid, in which case, who knows?

We will be asking you to wear a mask when dealing with our staff. You have the right to refuse to wear a mask and we reciprocate with our right to refuse to serve you. There are 3 occasions when we will ask. If you approach closer than 2m from the car park monitors, if you approach closer than 2m from the central office serving hatch and when we are measuring and tagging your tree. We will not be handing you any tags this year, it'll all be done by our staff. You find a tree, leave a person by it, come and grab the tagging staff and then we are done. No rows, no areas, nothing to remember. Your details will be emailed to you at the end of the selection day.

This year we suggest a pair of bungees or two 5m lengths of paracord to attach your tree to the roof of the car. Bungees for cars with roof rails or racks, paracord for those with no roof rails. Trees really should only be netted for bulk transport, 100 to a pallet. A fresh tree is not going to scratch the paint on the roof and a net isn't going to stop needles falling off in the car. Your tree is not going to suffer from a short journey on the roof, they originate from areas where the winter winds exceed 50mph and don't get damaged.

Are Nordmann and Fraser firs needle fast? No, no they are not. They will drop needles just like every other tree if you overheat it or dry it out. They don't have as many needles as spruce trees so even when they are suffering drought they don't appear to drop needles.

We will, as always, provide care instructions but you do need to have a reservoir stand and be happy to add the cheapest lemonade you can find to the water. Treat your tree like a cut flower. It likes water, sugar and carbon dioxide. When you get your tree home you can leave it in the garden or garage for several days before bringing it in. When you do bring it in, you must cut another couple of cm off the base to allow it to start sucking up water again. Just like cut flowers.

What if my tree dies? It starts dying the very second you cut it. You are just delaying the drought for as long as possible by treating it like a cut flower.

Join the tree cutting community.

The Christmas list is closed for this year. It reopens on 1st Aug 2022.

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Remember that Christmas Trees shouldn't be measured to the top, they are measured from the ground to the crown so the growing tip is free, which is fair since most get cut back to fit an angel or star on.

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How to care for your real tree.

The most important thing to remember is your tree is dead the minute you cut it and all you can do is prolong the time it takes to dry out, go brown and drop all its needles. Do not believe anyone who suggests any tree is non-drop. They all drop their needles when suffering drought. Follow these instructions.

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Selection dates have finished for 2021.

This year's selection slots have come to an end.

For those that managed to make their slot or the washup session on 21st, a huge THANK YOU! for your support.

Your emails will be sent to you by the end of 23rd Nov with confirmation of prices and collection times.

For those who didn't make it, for many reasons, we are sorry but we have had to stop and can't make any more slots available.

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Tree cutting dates are:

01 Dec 2021 until 24 Dec 2021. Carpark opens at 09:45. Pedestrian gates and Central office open at 10:00 for saw collection. If you wish to net your tree for transport, the nets will be available but our staff will not be able to assist you. Central office closes at 16:00. Pedestrian gates close at 16:10. Carpark closes at 16:30.

We do have a plan B where we can convert to a drive through and a plan C where we can convert to a delivery service, all depending on Government guidance. These will be outlined in your email.

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