William's Wood.


This is not a full council style set up, rather it is a more laid back affair with allotment holders taking individual, evergreen leases. The terms of provision are Temporary - there is no statute requirement for us to provide allotments, Direct let - individual allotment holders lease directly from the land owner, Self managed - allotment holders manage the communal areas along with their own plots.

In June 2020 we started migrating the existing allotments from within our heritage orchard to larger plots under the power cables that cross the woodland. Each plot is 10m x 10m and is situated in fertile, fairly easy digging areas that we can't use for anything else. We provide parking, a maintained route to the plots, a communal shed or two and water catchment giving in excess of 4000 litres available. The 10m x 10m plot is the cultivation area. Outside that space, individual sheds with extra water catchment and composters may be situated. There is a compost toilet available. The lease season is 1st October through to 30th September and there is no charge for Tarvin residents. All you need to do is dig and grow with a passion.

There is a licence and rules that are provided to you if you email us requesting information but the most asked questions are regarding children and dogs. You may bring your children to the site with you under the terms of the licence but be clear that that does not allow for them to roam freely in the woodland. You may not bring dogs into the woodland under any circumstances.

If you'd like to come and have a look and perhaps join the group please email us by clicking here.

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Commemorative Walk.

*** The footpath is now closed until Christmas Tree sales are finished.***

William's Wood was planted with a 1km commemorative walk around the outside. When the gates are open the walk is open, when the gates are closed the walk is closed. It is not a Public Right of Way and although registered with Cheshire County Council as a Permissive Right Of Way the details never transferred to Cheshire West and Chester. William was our first Son. His ashes are under the first Oak on the commemorative walk. There are many other commemorative Oaks on the walk, one every 10m at least. Some have plaques, some don't.

The path is accessible from the public highway by following the driveway 60m East and then turning North and walking the path in a clockwise direction, obeying any current social distancing rules. For those who wish to drive, there is parking and the path is accessed by departing the car park to the West and turning North, again walking the path in a clockwise direction, obeying any current social distancing rules.

For the foreseeable future the perimeter path will be all that is open except on Thursday mornings when we open the coffee bar for Church coffee mornings. The coffee bar will be providing basic hot and cold drinks but no food.

Dogs will never be permitted in the woodland.

Please keep to the marked path at all times. The woodland is productive and work does take place there all year. It is possible that you will come upon someone using chainsaws or large mowers. If you do, stop and wait. They will see you and will stop the engine and allow you to pass or direct you back to the correct path. If we need to close paths we can divert them most of the time and don't need to close the whole woodland.

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Sometimes a person needs a space that is somewhere else. We have Monday's and Friday's where the paths are all closed and the South side of the wood becomes our extended head space. if you want to come and join us drop us a line. It's normal to spend an hour sat on a roll mat leaning against a tree or hanging in a hammock. We provide the roll mats and hammocks, all you have to do is leave everything electric in your car or locked in our office for the time you are in the woods. We can't kill the sound entirely. You will always be able to hear the agriculture going on around us but there will never be any noise of our making. Come on a lead group session and identify your space and learn ways of seeing and hearing the woodland then subsequently just come and sit, read, sketch, meditate or wander off the path taking in the world. Our staff will gps tag your chosen space and will ensure that there is a mat or hammock there for you when you come. If you need directing they will direct you.

Lead groups happen on the last weekend of the month allowing for the first Monday or Friday of the next month to be your starting date. A lead session costs £2.50 per head. If you drive we ask for a donation to be thrown in the car park pot whenever you park.

If you'd like to come and have a look and perhaps join the group please email us by clicking here.

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Adventure parties.

Bushcraft instruction.


Craft cider.

Damson gin.


Foliage for Christmas wreaths.

Forest school.

Hazel harvest.

Holiday clubs.

Nearly wild family camps.

Nearly wild school residentials.

Outdoor education.

Scouting and Guiding.

Willow for weaving.

Woodland Workout.

Contact us.

William's Wood,
Broomheath Lane,
CH3 8HE.

Phone 01829 830325 (10:00 til 16:00 daily with divert to duty manager mobile.)

You can email us by clicking here.